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Silena Mountain SPA 

 Across times and throughout cultures, the forests have always been a retreat and a

calming sanctuary for humanity, a place to unwind and enhance our wellbeing.

Our ancestors found shelter and healing in the forest and from ancient ages were using the therapeutic plants, were extracting the essential oils for tranquillity and strength, and were using the energy of the forest to treat their body and spirit.

 The entire concept of Silena Spa is based on our local tradition of plant therapies, wine therapy, essential oils with high therapeutic grade, on nature’s healing power, and on the local blend of Nordic and Mediterranean traditions, the name being inspired by the mythologic spirits of the forest.

This refined and tasteful blend is reflected in Silena Mountain Spa’s excellent selection of northern and southern relaxing treatments and beauty therapies infused with exotic aromas.

 In a sophisticated yet timeless design, featuring all the elements of nature – the wood, the water, the stone and the flora, Silena Spa will reveal to you the heritage of the area and the wellness secrets it beholds.


"Pure Essence" total relaxation massage, full body – 50 min

A tailor-made aromatic massage with essential oils to target your healing needs. Up-lift your spirit or destress to absolute bliss with our massage techniques and the therapeutic power of essential oils. Choose your session now!

  • ZEN Session – complete serenity

                                                                recharge your strength - VITALITY Session •

"Deep Tissue" therapeutic massage, partial body (shoulders, back & neck) - 30 min

"Deep Tissue" therapeutic massage, full body  -  50 min

This treatment is ideal to relieve muscular ache or stiffness.  A deep tissue massage that releases tensions, smooth the muscles, and increases elasticity that will make you forget your week at the office or heal the muscles soreness after an intense day of sports activity.

"Hot Stones" therapeutic massage, full body – 75 min

Say goodbye to sleep problems, chronic muscle pain, stress and anxiety and let the basaltic volcanic

stones to make things easy for you, in a deep therapeutic session.

"Ayurvedic" head relaxation massage - 30 min 

As part of the traditional Ayurvedic healing therapies, this treatment aims to relieve headaches and restore balance and inner harmony to the mind, body and spirit. A perfect therapy also for hair revival and to boost the natural hair growth. 



"Kobido" facial massage -  30 min

The ancient Japanese secret in anti-ageing facial therapies. A unique facial lifting massage rich in essential fatty acids that restore the skin's natural hydration and revives the muscles to rejuvenates the facial contour and wrinkle lines and increase the quality of the skin tonus.

"Lumafirm" facial therapy  -  50 min

The ultimate treatment based on the highly effective fruit antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins and minerals to clean, hydrate, rejuvenate and instant  illuminate the skin.

"Propolis" antiacne detox treatment- 50 min
The treatment has antiseptic action, decongestant and soothing pore diameter is reduced. The skin is purified and acne lesions are diminished. It is visibly cleaner, has a refined texture and the pores are shrunken. The skin is brighter!

"Vitamin E2" very sensitive anticuperotic skin treatment – 50 min

The treatment has antireactive, decongestant and calming action. reduces redness and skin sensitivity, soothes the skin, reduces skin reactivity and irritation. It is visibly cleaner, the vascular walls are strengthened and the microcirculation is improved. The skin is more uniform and the reactivity is greatly reduced

"Lift & Repair" facelift and rejuvenation treatment – 90 min

100% professional manual lifting. immediate results at the contour of the face, restructuring of facial volumes. an adequate treatment for increasing the firmness and elasticity of the skin with movements inspired by physiotherapy to tone and provide firmness, instant efficiency at the contour of the face.

"Hyaluronic Acid" - hydration and firmness treatment – 90 min

The protocol helps balance the hydration level and reduces wrinkles. High molecular weight hyaluronic acid combats dehydration and severe dryness of the skin helping it retain water. The skin is bright, hydrated and supple, wrinkles are smoothed.



"Cell-u-less" anti-cellulite massage – 50 min

A special highly skilled manual treatment for body shaping and contouring with a drainage massage to improve circulation, reduce water retention and improve the tonus, firmness and elasticity of the skin.

“Fast Slim” body therapy - 75 min

This body treatment has everything your skin needs to be fit and radiant, a very effective treatment with fast results in weight loss, fat burning and body shaping. Starting with a gentle mask, cooling gel that stimulates the blood circulation and continues with amazing vegan ingredients pampering your skin with profund massage techniques.

"Rejuvenating Wine" body therapy- 90 min

Get back in shape and... beyond! Experience a full body scrub and detox with the amazing ingredients of active substances in grape seed oil, which will reduce water retention, activate fat burning, improve skin tone and elasticity, followed by a very effective anti-ageing mask which will make you skin look years younger.



"Couples Ritual" by Silena -  90 min

An absolute pampering for couples, a memorable experience to share togheter. Hot stone massage which will create a deep muscular relaxation preparing the body for the next stage, of luxurious “loving hands’ body & head massage with special aphrodisiac oils.

"Loving Hands Ritual" by Silena - 75 min 

Precious combination of Hawaiian Lomi - Lomi massage and Ayurvedic head massage with gentle exotic nourishing oils. Come in a deep journey of peace, harmony and wellbeing.